The Moral Narrative Analyzer

Many of our great cultural lessons come to us from stories.

Fables and fairy tales, nursery rhymes, novels, and even “the daily news” we spread among ourselves all weave a tapestry of truisms that we transmit through generations. Today, our cultural myths are not only preserved in archives and memory but through cinematic adventures and news coverage on grand scales. Yet the question remains, amidst technological advancement, how exactly do narratives presented via film and news teach us about ourselves and become relevant? Can we predict how different groups of people respond to different types of narratives?


We know that our daily exposure to narratives can influence behaviors by altering the salience of moral intuitions with consequences for political judgments and decision making. Research has shown that stories about events that violate or uphold moral domains such as care, fairness, loyalty, authority, and purity are of particular relevance for people.

The goal of MoNA is to classify the fundamental moral domains that permeate mediated narratives, to identify systematic differences in these domains across sources and cultures, and to reveal the underlying temporal dynamics of moral perspectives in narratives that drive judgment and decision making in various types of audiences (e.g. movie goers, news viewers). We are using advanced language processing methodology for the analysis of large quantities of unstructured narratives from sources across the globe. Since topics are often subjective and difficult to identify using computerized language processing methods alone, MoNA provides a hybrid between automated computational methods and evaluations from people who are exposed to moral narratives.


Your contribution is crucial for MoNA’s accuracy. It can exceed the accuracy of other narrative analysis systems only if you provide high-quality evaluations of narratives. More…

MoNA contributors can search our database, receive summaries of results, predict trends of moral frames, download data, etc., or they can undergo a systematic online training and become trained coders for moral narratives with extra benefits.

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